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If you look in my older posts (2015 and 2016), and even my older Tweets in the same years, you'll notice that I swore regularly. This isn't reflective of my current behavior, but rather who I was in that specific time. The blog posts written back then were in regards to my life at that very point in time, and what had led up to that point. It's reflective of exactly who I was and while I'm ashamed that I didn't mature sooner, I am not ashamed to keep the posts, swears and all. A work of writing/art should reflect the author at that given point, not to be later subject to redaction because they at the time weren't ideal.

So when you read the posts about my life, and you see the older posts that I swore in the writings and in my social media, read them as a reflection of me in that specific time, not as who or what I am now. I'm much more reserved by comparison and I've significantly improved as a person overall. I'm making this post, as I personally feel that the behavior at the time was inappropriate, and can be potentially damaging to the view of any employer or educational institution. If you're one of those, then please realize a deeper understanding of my writings, rather than having a depthless, one-sided read.

Thank you. May God's blessings and peace be upon you.

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